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In addition to promotions - consumer support, PINACO organizes activities regularly for the development of society and community. And PINACO always considers environmental protection both duty and responsibility. All these activities have created a strong PINACO today, worthy of the title “ Vietnam Value” , the only one in field of manufacturing and trading Dry Cell and Storage Battery.

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Penetrate Africa Market - Sales promotion at Nigeria

On 19/09/2012, BOD had a meeting with Nigeria ‘s Ambassador at PINACO headquarters office.

During the meeting,  Nigeria’s ambassador appreciated PINACO’s products and promised to introduce them to Nigeria’s importers, beside that Nigeria ‘s Ambassador will consider the favorable conditions for PINACO ( Vietnam manufacturers) to export batteries to Nigerian market.

Be forwards,  end of 2011, PINACO had sent the survey team to Nigeria for market researching.

Through that trip, the survey team have contacted with many customers and already signed the storage battery sales contract,

The first order was estimated to be exported on November 2012.

With the 160 million citizens and is considered as the gateway to West Africa mainland, Nigeria evaluated as an very potential market. 

If PINACO  successful in promoting trade with this country, they will have big opportunity to continue develop in the neighborhood country and even the whole Africa

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