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In addition to promotions - consumer support, PINACO organizes activities regularly for the development of society and community. And PINACO always considers environmental protection both duty and responsibility. All these activities have created a strong PINACO today, worthy of the title “ Vietnam Value” , the only one in field of manufacturing and trading Dry Cell and Storage Battery.

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In the evening of April 25, 2012, the ceremony honoring companies “for 16 years of contributing for the customers" was held at the same time with the opening ceremony of the Vietnamese High Quality Commodities trade fair 2012 at Phu Tho Stadium, HCM city - The 43 companies were honored by the Vietnam High Quality Commodities Organization for winning the title Vietnam High Quality Commodities for 16 years. (from 1997 to 2012).

Up to now, the title Vietnamese High Quality Commodities – 16 years old - is considered as “customers award for companies”, much higher than the other awards and  honors. The number of companies have been awarded this title are thousands, but the number of companies which receive this award for 16 years continuosly was a  few. Therefore, the Vietnamese High Quality Goods Commodities decided to hold the ceremony honoring the few companies which can keep this title for last 16 consecutive years.

PINACO has been continuously voted by customers since 1997 and is always the top of companies in the battery industry.

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