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In addition to promotions - consumer support, PINACO organizes activities regularly for the development of society and community. And PINACO always considers environmental protection both duty and responsibility. All these activities have created a strong PINACO today, worthy of the title “ Vietnam Value” , the only one in field of manufacturing and trading Dry Cell and Storage Battery.

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Annual Customer Conference 2012 was held from April 05 to April 08, 2012 at Binh Duong and Vung Tau provinces

The conference was held with the participation of the Chairman, Board of Directors, four Directors of factories, managers, vice-managers of each department and nearly 200 national and international distributors/agents.At the conference, PINACO recognized and rewarded for more than 50 Distributors / agents because of their positive contributions for Pinaco in 2011.

It is a yearly activity to show appreciations for loyal customers, distributors and agents, who have been closely together with Pinaco for many years; to review the results of the business; to analyze the current business actions as well as product information in the near future.

The conference’s delegation moves to Vung Tau to exchange and relax the following days.


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